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  • Does the Penis Size Really Matters for Enjoyable Sexual Performance?

    Is the notion about the direct relationship between a man's self-confidence and self-esteem and the size of the person's penis a myth? Or there is a hefty portion of bitter truth in the whole idea of penis size comparison talk? The proof of its relevance is the sorrowful fact that some guys do complain about the size. It means the size really matters, whether you like it or not. Look at the poor soul that was driven to realization that his manly member is far from competition compared with a guy next door or next office - and observe his confidence shatter and crumble.

    The issue of self-confidence is an important and fully relevant one; no one would ever argue that. But there is another side to this question that explains the males' concern about their penis sizes - they truly believe that satisfaction to their female partners in bed during love-making is directly affected by the size. Some people call it a baseless prejudice, a myth without grounds to stand on. Nevertheless the large part of male and female population openly favors bigger penises, since the love-making experience persuaded them that a more pleasurable sexual experience one can get from gentlemen with bigger tool. Somehow a larger, longer and firmer member is capable of rather efficient and effortless stimulation of some really sensitive spots inside a female effortlessly - just the thing one needs to do to make a woman go crazy from passion when making love to her. Another thing, which should not be left out, is the proven fact that even playing with her clitoris, the most delicate part of the female body, women are not able to achieve the enjoyable sensations that a strong and firm part of manhood can provide easily when moving delightfully inside them.

    The performance in bed is a serious issue that buggers a lot of male population and it is not a secret that an undersized male member usually is in the most disadvantageous position as far as satisfactory love-making is concerned. Longer penises, for example, are much less susceptible to the syndrome of Erectile Dysfunction, in order words, they are much more often capable to get and sustain a strong hard erection than not. Men who suffer from erection problems such as the Erectile Dysfunction, or, in simple words, poor and short-term erection, might well run into a situation when they happen to be not able to perform in bed at all and the disillusioned female partner begins to think about looking for somebody more capable for the next time around. Another symptom of Erectile Dysfunction is the too short duration of the erection, which also might ruin an intimate relationship.

    The annoying syndrome of premature ejaculation that you might be experiencing is also a problem that men come across side by side with the problem of a small-sized member. If your manly equipment is of a considerable size and hardness your are much less likely to suffer from coming or ejaculating too quickly, being not able to constrain yourself though your realize that your female might not have yet reached the much-desirable climax of a satisfactory orgasm. Undoubtfully, such a disaster can be explained by some other influences, for instance, strong stress or the state of extreme emotional agitation. Still the size and sexual performance would still be considered by your disappointed partner.

    Where to go next and where to look for relief from multiple problems and concerns described above, what measures to take in order to overcome the misgivings of poor sexual performance? The only practical advice the medical gurus will give you is to look for best way to achieve your penis enlargement goal. But what if you do not feel like indulging in using penis pumps or you are strongly against a penis enlargement surgery? You should try out go scouting for another venue, such as sexual enhancement (female enhancement products) supplements or penis enlargement pills like the well-known VigRX Plus, which is the market leader in this field. The good news is that you should not worry about possible side-effects; the supplements are 100% safe, being composed of herbs and leaf, bark or berry extracts that were discovered in the countries of South America and China many centuries ago. Since that time they have been tested and recognized by the most exacting specialist of the medical community. Among those ingredients one founds Cuscuta Seed Extract and Muira Pauma Bark Extract - to name just few - that the specialists accurately measured and combined in a single well-balanced pill to let you get rid from all your sexual performance troubles for good!

    The proof of the efficiency of a drug lies not just in the well-balanced composition of powerful ingredients, but in the answer to the question - what about the practical results? Do not forget about it. The medicine should perform as was promised. The good news is the fact that supplements, such as the VigRX Plus, perform really quickly and that is what makes doctor to recommend such supplements so often. As reported by Clinical Psychologist Dr. Michael A. Carter, he regularly prescribes this kind of supplement to his patients who suffer from problem and frustrations of a small penis and poor performance in bed. As he stresses out, even after one or two weeks of taking VigRX Plus, people come back to him to share exciting news about great positive changes in their sexual lives. Aside from recommending the medicine to their patients, such specialists as Dr. Khalid Alzwahereh use the VigRX Plus and other supplements themselves with very positive effect. The supplement, composed of natural ingredients, as Dr. Khalid Alzwahereh says, greatly improves erection and in general increases a man's sexual potential significantly.

    The supplements, such as VigRX and similar to it, are recognized efficient solutions to improve men's sexual performance and enlarge the penis size, sometimes they are a tremendous help in achieving what makes you and your female partner satisfied in bed. But bear in mind that VigRX supplements are not an absolute cure for all. At the same time the supplements could always be a strategy that is well worth exploring, since they are safe and bring no harm, and, in its turn, the probability of beneficial effects is much higher than the other way around. The life is full of all kinds of problems and, taking into consideration that problem with sex life might become extremely frustrating, it would be wise to avoid as many of them as possible.

    You should observe another thing: a man, troubled by worries about the size of his penis, its erection and overall love-making performance, a man, afraid to disappoint a female partner in bed because of his small size, begins to make himself to believe that the size does not really matter. But it is a poor way to regain the confidence, the real issue does not go away, it stays there as a constant source of frustrations. To solve the problem a man has to realize and face the reality, has to accept the truth and start looking for the way to eliminate the problem. By making a decision to try a sexual enhancement supplement a man loses nothing but can regain the mental piece and self-esteem, and, ultimately, win the most sex-appealing lady and get her into bed! Have the best and enjoy it the best way, to ultimate satisfaction!

    How To Enlarge Your Penis Dimension Measures To Improve Your Sex Performance. Does Penis Size Measures Actually Influence Male Sex Performance? Bigger Penis Means Better Satisfaction Of Your Partner When having Sex

    Any newbie, venturing to navigate the world of male penis enhancement methods and medications - all of which claiming to make anyone's sex life a miracle - should exercise extreme caution. The strategy of the penis enhancement method for purposes of having better sex should be wise and balanced to the utmost. "Why is it so?" one may pose a natural question. "Is it really of such critical importance to be overcautious?"

    The answer to the above-posed question is 100% POSITIVE. The market of male penis extenders and sex improving medications can be quite tricky and full of deceit. Various pills and gadgets, such as synthetic prescription pills and all-natural herbal medications, vacuum penis pumps and penile extenders (sometimes designated as "stretchers") are very aggressively and attractively marketed through advertisement on Web sites, in commercial e-mails, on TV and other mass media. You are quite likely to come across an ad in you favorite sport newspaper or a glossy magazine, promising to increase the size of your manhood twice during three weeks time - and for quite affordable sum of money!

    Any newcomer to this market could be quite confused and overwhelmed by the rich choice of methods, gadgets and medications advertised, and that is only natural. You should realize that lots of those advertisements are just a trash, a scam. Numerous shady companies and firms, lurking out there, make pretty good living on male frustrations over an undersized penis or poor sex performance. Millions of worthless pills are spit out every year. Each brand claims its ability to work miracles and make your erection huge within a week's time.

    Forget about quick results. Yes, it is possible to improve your penis size or the quality of the sex you have, but it never happens quickly, though it is actually possible. Just disregard all the ads promising miraculous results in the shortest time possible. This is the rule number one. Rule number two is as follows: do some careful research through corresponding web-sites and on-line forums. Read the comments and reports of people, who actually tried this or that brand of pills or penis extension methods. Their comments would be valuable source of reliable information for you. Rule number three: you should understand the difference between various penis enhancement and sex improvement techniques and methods. Each of them has its purpose and segment of application. In order to get the desired results you should apply the correct means - and than your success is guaranteed!

    Below you will find a short but quite comprehensive check list of the most popular penis and sex enhancement options available at the market as of today. Enjoy and grow big!

    1. Enhancement pills.

    Penis and sex enhancement pills come in two varieties - prescription and non-prescription ones. The advantage of non-prescription medication is obvious - they are less expensive and more convenient to be ordered. They can be comfortably purchased at an online store and delivered in no time to the indicated address. A guy with small penis size or sex performance problem does not have to pay an embarrassing visit to a physician. The fact that you have bought enhancement pills stays strictly confidential and you are able to preserve your anonymity.

    Pills of reputable brands (not often the most budget one, of course) are a good remedy against a depressed libido. Many males experience problems with penis erection or sex performance because they have lost appetite for sex. They simply do not get sufficiently aroused for having satisfactory love making. Pills can boost the libido energies and improve the blood circulation in your system. Good blood flow is essential for rock-hard erection. So, if your objective is to revitalize low libido and achieve excellent and long-staying hard-on, then the pills will work for you OK. For penis enhancement you should better look the way of some other techniques.

    2. Vacuum penis pumps and better sex.

    Those guys who have been unfortunate to have a misfortune (if you excuse my pun, so to say) of getting an erectile dysfunction can make use of a vacuum penis pump, whatever the cause of their erectile malfunction. A good quality penis pump can get you an excellent rock-hard erection. The erection will stay on as long as you need to enjoy the act of love-making. Upon the completion, the rubber stopping ring has to be removed from the stem of your penis, so the blood can outflow and your penis returns to its original size and state. As you see, a vacuum penis pump helps you to have good sex, but it is unable to extend the dimensions of your manhood. It has never been meant to be used as a penis size extender, though you may happen to come across advertisements claiming the pump as such. You should better disregard such ads. A vacuum pump does perfectly what it is designed and manufactured for - and not a fraction beyond it purpose.

    3. Penis extenders and natural penile extension exercises.

    If it happens so that your objective is enlargement of your present-day penis in order to have better sex or for any other reason, whatsoever, you have just two options left: a penis extender or a system of penis extension exercises.

    Both of those methods, penis extenders (or stretchers) and penile extension exercises systems, operate on the principle of traction force. This traction (in simple words - a pulling effort) is applied to the penis shaft on constant bases, regularly. The difference between them as follows: in case of a penis extender you will have to purchase a special gadget. This gadget is to be attached to your penis shaft. Upon this the user adjusts the pulling force and wears the extender for several hours without interruption, every day. Many users prefer to wear the extender in sleep. The results of penis extension could be seen in a couple of months.

    With penis male enlargement exercises the story is a bit different. In the first place, this system has been known for many centuries. As you see, the preoccupation of male persons with penis size is not a new thing at all. In our times the system was scientifically tested and found actually efficient for the purposes of penis enlargement. In order to practice the system you do not need to buy a special device. All you need is your own hands, some lubricant and a training program on DVD to begin with!

    Any guy, suffering from humiliations of an average to small penis, does not have to suffer his tribulations all of his life. Nowadays there are proven and tested methods of actual penis size enhancement. Finally the market is offering methods that are guaranteed to work just fine! So, do not waste precious time! A bigger penis means much better and satisfying sex for your and your partner in love-making! Through self-motivation and persistence you will become a different person, much more confident person and a great performer in bed!

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